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Training plan – one week in

Last week was the first week of my new training plan. Monday: 13 mile cycle commute. Five mile run. Tuesday: 13 mile cycle commute. Evening 45min circuit training. Wednesday: 13 mile cycle commute. Swim with the boy. Thursday: 13 mile cycle commute. … Continue reading

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A training plan for doughnuts

I had a busy week of exercise last week. REALLY busy. But to get me through it, my sugar and carb intake went way beyond need, and about a mile past greed. On the bright side, it was a week … Continue reading

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A family tent guide for easily frustrated dads on a tight budget

Here are my recommendations on a family tent. They won’t suite everyone. For a start, if you are reading this from somewhere where temperature is a constant 30 degrees and the sun shines 300 days out of 365, then stop … Continue reading

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How I bounced off a hill with barely a scrape

This day was different. Every morning had sent shards of sunlight through the gaps in the curtains in our hotel room. But this morning there was nothing but gloom. With the wife and boy still sleeping I went downstairs to … Continue reading

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Ride of the insomniac

You’d think after two days of high-end cardio, a chap would be tucked up in bed at this time. Wrong. Yesterday, I got up at 5am so I could get on my bike and cycle 37 miles to work from … Continue reading

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Expanding my cycling ambitions

Most blogs I read should be called ‘brags’, because that’s what they are, and that’s what we do we – brag. We are not blogging, but bragging about our feats and triumphs, often with mind-numbing detail. Well, I confess to … Continue reading

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