Ramble on …

Some of the places I’ve rambled, scrambled, doddled, waded, and skedaddled. Where appropriate, I’ll list (race) times and dates.

2013: May

60-mile cycle with island hopping. Taking in Rothesay ferry, Colintrive ferry, Dunoon ferry. Also cycling past Loch Riddon, Loch Fyne and Loch Eck … and The Holy Loch, come to think of it!

2013: Feb-April

Assorted stages of the West Highland Way.

2013: April – Bishopbriggs Sprint Triathlon

750m swim, 20k cycle, 5k run. They call it a sprint for some reason.

2013: April – trail running around Brig o’Turk and Glen Finglas

Re-adjusting to the way of the trail, one kilometre at a time.

2013: March

The Great Glen from Ben Nevis Distillery to Inverness via mountain bike, Kayak, trail running, hill running and road cycling. Gotta do that one again!

2012:  (as of September)

Quite a few Munros, including Ben Nevis, Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime, An Caisteal, Beinn Dorain, Cruac Ardrain & most of the Arrochar Alps.

2012:  (September-October) 5 x 50 challenge

Run, walk, swim or cycle 5 kilometres a day, every day, for 50 days. Didn’t manage every single day, but I did average 80-100k per week.

2012:  (July) Lakeland trail marathon

26.2 miles of hard graft. Managed to knock about 20 min off my 2011 time. A runner from my club sneered at my 4hr+ time implying I hadn’t tried hard enough. Hmm.

2012:  (May-June) Marathon training

A lot of trails in Glennifer Braes, and a lot of road running. Picked up a heel injury that would continue to plague me until October 2012. Some day I’ll learn to listen to my body.

2012:  (May) Bishopbriggs Novice Triathlon

Swim a bit, cycle a bit, run a tiny bit.

2012: (April) Ben Vorlich

Described by Walk Highlands as a “relentless ascent”, it does in fact ease off after the halfway point to provide plenty room for a walk and a chat. So save your stories up for after the 600 metre mark, and you’ll have the lungs to tell them.

2012: (March) Ben Arthur (The Cobbler)

An easy stretch for two tired men. Saw some hill runners giving it a push. Saw a lot of people walking it with smiles; Spoke to many people; Anyway, I had better banter than I’d get in the same timeframe in town. Hillwalkers = nice people.

2012: Locherwood circuit TO Muirsheil Park and back

Nice. Very nice. Been out with the boys, but I might keep this one for myself, and to myself. But thanks a million to Dave for illuminating the route! See you on the ‘pile of stones mate!’

2012: Paisley

Lets just say that Kilbarchan AAC sees more of Paisley than they do of Kilbarchan!

2012: Locherwood circuit, near Muirsheil Country park

A lovely boggy set of trails just perfect for training runs.

2012: Carnethy 5 Peaks Hill Race

My first “official” Scottish Hillrunning approved hill race.

2012: Glen Loin loop

Nice 18k trail you could run, bike or hike near Arrochar.

2012: Whangie to Erskine

A 12-ish-mile romp over sometimes unforgiving moorland, meandering forest trails and some windswept countryside that probably doesn’t get looked over that much.

2012: Glen Douglas Grahams

Pathless hill running circuit round Tullich hill and the trig point at Beinn Bhreac. To be honest, not much running – mostly hiking. Yomping is the term to best describe my efforts.

2011: Ben Cruachan and Stob Diamh

Got a bit lost on this one in late October. Reckon that’s the last of the Munros for 2011.

2011: Corryvreckan whirlpool at dusk, on a RIB

An unforgettable white knuckle ride, which used up a week’s supply of Adrenalin. The most fun I’ve ever had sitting down, even though my arse was hovering about 4 inches above the seat most of the time due to the waves! Cracking experience.

2011: Beinn Eunaich and Beinn a’ Chochuill

Well, I chalked off Beinn a Chochuill, but the wind was so bad I left the second Munro for another day. My first solo Munro!

2011: The Black Mount – Stob a’Choire Odhair and Stob Ghabhar

Fine walking country, but there’s one ridge that put my heart in my mouth. Shudders.

2011: The Cobbler

Always worth a hike – and there are many side paths to keep you busy on the way up, plus a set of stairs if you need a bit more organisation in your navigation. The needle can be threaded, or not.

2011: Kildonan, Arran and a bit of the coastal path

Bit of under canvas outdoor action. Beaches and balancing on black volcanic rock in flip flops. Will be back here a few times I reckon

2011: Ben Vorlich and Stuc A Croin

First proper bit of exercise I’d been able to take after damaging my already damaged leg during the Lakeland Trail marathon. A pain free hike up the first munro in tremendous weather gave way to it’s more stubborn twin. Scrambling my arse – Stuc A Croin is mountain climbing. Even the scrambling route (not the alternative path) of least resistance required white knuckles for 70% of the ascent to the ridge.

2011: Lakeland Trail marathon

My first marathon. True to form, I didn’t pick the easiest long distance race in the world for my first adventure over 26 miles. I’m glad I did though. You can see 26 miles of tarmac any day of the week. But only once a year, will a few hundred other people get to experience the hills above Coniston Water in such a special way.

2011: Ben More and Stob Binnein

A fine climb with only one or two scarey bits. And the Stob is a must – two munros for the price of one and a half! A cup of tea and a roll & sausage is advisable to be purchased at the Crainlarrich railway station before the climb. A spare sausage roll may also be secreted in one’s backpack in case of emergency.

2011: Cruach Ardrain and Beinn Tulaichean

Epic fail. Bad weather and nerves kept us shy of the summit. We’ll be back, but probably not from the Crainlarrich side. Reckon we’ll pop up onto Tulaichean from Inverlochlarig and have oursleves some ridge walking.

2011: Ben Vane

It’s a cracker. A gem of a hill. And if you are lucky, you’ll find my cycling sunglasses resting on a wide rock near the peak.

1990: Glasgow – Prague – Moscow –Kabul – Delhi and back.

Did a bit of walking and hiking around Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, mostly Himachal Pradesh (Manali) and up to the friendly side of the Rohtang pass. I’ll upload a few pics sometime.

Glasgow Park Run

Love this 5k in Pollock Park. No consistency but my best time was 20.47 in 2010. Will have to volunteer soon, as I am in debt to them for some fab and free Saturday mornings.

Great Edinburgh Run

The best way to see Edinburgh. My first ever 10K in 2008. 53.14

Mens Health Forum Scotland 10K

Despite hating tarmac, I’ll continue to do this race when I can. In 2008, this was the first race my dad came to watch. 49.21

Great Scottish Run 2008

Great atmosphere & in my wave, the air was thick with Deap Heat. My first half marathon. 1.53.51

No Fuss Nevis trail half marathon 2010

My first ever off road half marathon. 1.48 and some change. Both fresh from the Deerstalker, James Cargill ran it with me start to finish, helping me reach a time I wouldn’t have otherwise achieved. The first race I’ve done where they hand whisky to the finishers! This was also the race that my muscle tear started to cause me a bit of bother.

The Mighty Deerstalker 2009, 2010, 2011

The most fun you can have with a headtorch. Its a 10k thats actually around the 14K mark. 2.06.58 my best time, but who cares about the chip time. It’s not a race, it’s an experience.

Reindeer Run (Stirling 10k in aid of Lifeboats)

An untimed winter 10k I support when fit enough. One year my running buddy Mark finished with his hair frozen solid. Second year I did it I reckon I crossed the line well and truly sub 50 mins, in part due to the fact I misjudged the end stretch and started my sprint finish about a kilometer shy of the actual finish line.

Happy feet trail 10k

Not actually a trail – all roads and gravel paths. Feet were not that happy. For a good cause though – Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland.

2009 BMF 10k in the Pentland Hills

I can’t find my time for this run, but it was a hard one. This was the first 10k I had to stop and walk it out on the steeper slopes. I reckon I came in around the low 50s.

Ben Lomond 2010

Malcolm and I ascended the Ptarmigan route, and descended the tourist trail. Reckon the boys could hill run this some day.

Ben Lui 2010

Learned a lesson on this one. BE PREPARED. We weren’t and it could have ended much, much worse than it did.

Buchaille Etive Mhor 2010

The best views I’ve ever had. Two official monros, but more importantly a really good day on the hills with Malcolm.

Conic Hill 2010

Walked it with Malcolm in drizzly weather. Ran it with James in the snow. I still couldn’t tell you what it looks like.

Horseshoe at Luss 2010

Ran this with Jim and James. Landed on my arse a few times. I’ll be doing this again.

Muirsheil Country Park and Windy Hill

A really rewarding park I’ve ran and walked time and time again. Plenty of trails and not a pylon in sight. Plenty of soaring birds of prey to spot.

Mugdock Park

Only ran here once, but there’s definitely plenty of options for mud & trails.

Glennifer Braes country park

Proper off road trails if you look hard enough.

West Highland way Inverarnan to Inversnaid and back again

Walked this with Malcolm and tougher than we thought. Good ground and a couple of views to boot!

Calderglen Park

There is a good out and back 10k trail in this park, nicely demanding. We’ve used it many times as training for the Deerstalker.

2 Responses to Ramble on …

  1. Anthony Reilly says:

    Renny Renny Renny!!!

    Love the blog and the sweat and tears of running. I myself partake in a little bit of running and their is sweat and tears as well. Will keep this as a fav in order to get inspiration as I approach the big 40…

    Although, in my case it will be an epic battle…

    Hope all is well


    • RennyRambles says:

      Hey Tony, How’s the family? Hope you’re settling in OK & not too long before we see you. Reckon you’ll have some a fine country over there for some running

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