Expanding my cycling ambitions

Most blogs I read should be called ‘brags’, because that’s what they are, and that’s what we do we – brag. We are not blogging, but bragging about our feats and triumphs, often with mind-numbing detail.

Well, I confess to the bragging. Hands up on that one. But I hope that in the common thread that holds my posts together, the occasional reader might get a sense of the importance of adventure, the outdoors, and how easy it can be to take advantage of both of them.

So, on with the post-brag…

I have not been running much the last week or so. It’s been about the bike.

Renny Rambles Callander

It is surprising how many miles you can do on a bike, if you just get on it and pedal. How far you might travel on a moderate reserve of resolve and a bit of sweat, can be quite inspiring.

My normal stretch in the saddle is a 6.5-mile cycle track journey from Kilbarchan to Paisley. And for two years, that’s pretty much been my average cycle. As of today, I’ve just finished consecutive 40+ mile cycle runs for three days in a row (woohoo!).

But air punches aside, it’s not really about the bike at all. It’s simply about having a go.

So go on, have a go! That bike is not doing you any good gathering dust in the garage. You might just find your inner reserve tank, and who knows where that will take you


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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One Response to Expanding my cycling ambitions

  1. David Wherry says:

    Well said! Enjoy riding the distance!

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