A year of ups, downs, thrills and spills

2015 was quite a topsy turvy year.

First the downs. Let’s get them out the way.

We had to put our cat of 21 years down, and I still feel guilty for making that terrible trip with her to the vet.

My diet has been appalling throughout 2015. Still not sorted. But at least I’ve started taking packed lunches to work again. Making your sandwiches is a sure sign of good intentions.

That’s pretty much it. Okay, I shouted at a lot of people and one or two maybe did not deserve it.

Now the ups and the thrills!

I was rarely shouted at.

I cycled over 4,500 miles.

I am very close to being able to live without a car (unfortunately my wife lives a significant distance from that premise).

I took my boy up his first Corbett in quite terrible weather and his mother didn’t kill me. In slightly better weather,  I took him up his first Munro.

Some hill skills were acquired, as was an outdoor first aid certificate.

I cycled the islands of Cumbrae with pals, Arran solo and Islay (with pals) for work.

My wife came proper camping with me and the boy. We’re still together.

On an Explorer Scout trip to Switzerland, I learned to drive a minibus round mountain passes without screaming in terror. I managed to set foot in some dizzying cable cars without screaming in terror. And I learned to spend ludicrous sums money on everyday items in Gstad without screaming in terror.

Five days was had cycling solo in the South of France. No car. Just me and my bike. Pinch me!

And finally the spills:

Forced off the road twice to avoid being run over.

Cycled into the back of a stationary car. Must get disc brakes someday.

Cycled into a fallen tree. Must remember to charge the torch.

I fell off my bike. A lot.

So that’s it. That was 2015.

Looking to 2016, it would be great to top that 4,500 miles in the saddle, have fewer incidents, and have my boy spend a few of those miles with me.

Also, I’d like to do the West Highland Way this year, maybe taking in a few hills en route – finding the time will be tough though. The North Coast 500 would also be a great adventure. Or do some more cycling and trail running abroad.

Bagging few more Munros this year with my hiking buddy is high on my list, as is spending a bit more time hostelling and camping outdoors.

There will also be plenty of Scouting adventures.

And to make sure I’m fit enough to meet these challenges head on, I’ve signed up for my first Ironman 70.3 (a half Ironman distance triathlon). I have just 20 weeks till the start line.

There’s not a moment to lose!


About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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