Saddles and sausages

There’s a sound my bike makes that I can’t get enough of.

It’s kind of like the sound of sausages frying lightly in a pan. Not those cheap watery bangers that spit all over the place, but the sticky fat boys which fizz gently as the fat oozes out.

Specifically, it comes from the tyres. And it is the sound made by the rubber rolling along the tarmac. A bubbling ripple that keeps time with each turn of the crank.

I can only hear this fantastic sound under certain conditions. Which are these:

Quiet roads –can’t hear anything nice on a road filled with revving cars; and smooth tarmac – it has to be the smooth buttery stuff.

I find that recently re-surfaced roads are best to get that rolling fry on. And after a while, it’s that very noise that makes me start thinking about eating a roll and sausage.

Listen to your bike, that’s what I always say!


About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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