Truly Mudly Deeply – a review of Tough Mudder Scotland 2014


When Tony (instructor at Renfrewshire Leisure, look him up he’s good), talked me into doing Tough Mudder this year, I still had a few reservations about doing it.

Firstly, my level of fitness was all over the place – one minute ‘man of steel’, next minute ‘Mr Chocolate ankles’. So I was concerned about picking up an injury during Tough Mudder that I might not be able to shrug off.

Secondly, I didn’t know most of the team (Renfrewshire Groupies) and was joining it late into training.

And lastly, I wasn’t sure about the whole “Mudder” thing. I had read a lot of quite visceral comments online about “over-priced novelty races”. Outdoors enthusiasts seemed to either love it or really hate it!

on course

So. What’s the verdict now I’ve done it…

I should not have worried a jot. Tough Mudder is really well organised, brilliant fun and worth every penny. The course is like a cross between total wipe-out (but funnier) and an army assault course (without guns).

Those that take it too seriously are seriously missing out, and are missing the point of it.

Those who finger-wag and say it’s pointless waste of time – you have missed the point too, and someone needs to pull your head out.

Those who laugh and pull and cheer their way through it, you get it … and you get a HOO-RAH too!Muddy tunnels mudslide

Hell yeah

EverestThe team I joined was a brilliant bunch and so welcoming right from the start, and on the day of the Mudder it just kept getting better and better. You know the type of day I’m talking about? You’re grinning from ear-to-ear, and a wee voice inside says “savour this”. It was one of those days, and they are rare.


And the only injuries picked up – a few hangovers! Easily shrugged off!

PS. Thanks to the awesome Renfrewshire Groupies for the photos I used here. You guys rock.


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