WTF happened to March

Jeez. I can’t believe my last post was in February. And I’m wondering WTF I’ve been doing since then. Well, I’d been doing a couple of circuit classes a week, work allowing. And the occasional weekend cycle and or 5k run once a week on a Monday or a Friday. And I’d been going to work on my bike most days.

The cycling came to an abrupt halt when my bike started to ride badly. This was down to lack of care, and through high use – I’d been doing 270 miles a month. If you don’t look after a bike, it ages pretty quick. So in the middle of March, a kind friend took my bike away.

Later, I got some of it back. The only moving parts which did not need replaced was the rear derailleur and the front brake mech. Everything else had to be renewed. To celebrate it’s return, I did a wee 45 mile round trip from the village to Balloch. Since then I’ve been washing and oiling it once a week. You live and learn!

With a need to get myself motivated, I signed myself up for Tough Mudder Scotland (June), got myself on the reserve list for a sprint tri (May), plus signed up for a 110-mile cycling sportif (September), and a road 10k (April).

Also in March, I had a go at Meta-fit classes (kind of like speed-circuits without any weights), plus I tried Archery and Traverse climbing at The Meggernie Outdoor Centre in Perthshire at the end of March. I was pants at all of them, but enjoyed each activity in its own right. Archery is quite addictive!

So that’s me almost up-to-date. Next post is all about “Catapults, Wigwams and Running in fields of Shit”.



Watch this space!!!



About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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