2014, the year of the jelly baby

I’ve decided I’m not making any hard & fast New Year’s resolutions. No quickly promised challenges that I’ll only shake my head at come the end of the year. So instead, here are a few things I’d like for 2014 to bring…

  • I hope to make my diet and lifestyle a bit more healthy & not rely so much on exercise as a counterbalance to over-indulgence.
  • I hope I can get back to running regularly (particularly trail running) & would really like to push up into ‘ultra’ distances.
  • I really hope the weather is amazing this year, and that we get plenty of camping weekends.
  • I’d LOVE to drop my working week from 5 to 4 days, and have time to get some form of outdoor training qualification, and do lots of camping out.
  • I’d love to have lots of new adventures, and preferably take my family on some of them.
  • And while I’m wishing on a star… fingers crossed we win the lottery and buy a small house in Majorca.
  • And probably even less likely than a lottery win… I wish my wife would have a couple more kids & let me get a Spaniel or two.

But to be honest,  I’ll be happy if 2014 brings some running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling. With a few jelly babies & some good company thrown in.

So. Let 2014 be a year for lots of jelly babies, if not a year of actual babies.




About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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