A bucket list item crossed off

Last week was an odd one. I hadn’t been feeling that great, and my diet hasn’t been that great either.

Nevertheless, I cycled to work and back Monday thru Thursday. On Tuesday night I did my usual circuit class. I always feel pretty good, knowing I already put in a 6 mile cycle as a warm up, but I felt pretty crap afterwards as I cycled home in soaking wet clothes – the driving rain cut right through me, and my legs were nipped as it pelted off me.

As I was hosting a Halloween party for my boy on Thursday evening, running club was out. Secretly, I was pleased about that as I have a spot of Plantar Fascitis. So I traded the 10k evening run for a 5k lunchtime run instead. It was slow and sluggish, but it felt good to be not in the office at lunchtime, so I reckon I’ll do that again.

Friday brought circuits again, and I had hoped to be up for a cycle & park run duathlon on Saturday, but I just couldn’t get out of bed. So a cycle to the gym and a kettlebell session was what I managed on Saturday. The wind and rain fought me on the way home, and I spent a long time in the shower afterwards trying to warm up.

Sunday came round and I was up early for a change. Despite feeling chilly, the sun was out. I realised time was marching, so while the family was still asleep, I took a look at my bucket list to see if there was anything I could squeeze in. There was. An 8.8 mile cycle to Muirsheil Country Park (mostly uphill), a 10k trail run, and then another 8 mile cycle (mostly downhill).

The legs felt tired after so many lunges, clean & presses and burpees, but with the sun out, I just kept the gears light and slowly cycled up Burntsheilds road and on into the moors. Once at the visitor centre, I locked up my bike and helmet & ran out along the Old Mine Track trail – a gravel track which is a 4k out and 4k back. I’d worry about making up the 2k later.

But I started worrying pretty early into the gradual uphill trail 1.5k in and I had to stop as I felt my legs tightening up. The same again at the top of a steeper section 2.75k in. Again at 4k before turning back. Not like me. I ran the 4k back without a break, but its easy when it’s downhill. To make up the remaining 2k I turned onto the other trail, which I think is supposed to be off limits as the gate is padlocked. It was really a bit rough for running in trainers, and I was glad to reach 1 kilometre point so I could turn round and head back for my bike.

The return cycle was OK until I had to pull myself up a steep hill again & my legs started to go a bit jelly-like.

It’s nice that at 41 years old, I can get out of bed & think: “It’s early, maybe I could squeeze in a 23 mile duathlon?”. But I really should train for it. Or at least do some stretching first. Suppose I’ll have to add that to my bucket list…




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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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