A cairngorms adventure

I’m feeling a little tired tonight. Today was first day back at work after a weekend of fresh air and extensive use of the legs! And I cycled to work and back in rubbish weather.

But I’m not complaining – it’s a good tired. Earned!

I will write up a full explanation of why my legs are worn out, red, and why I’m still grinning from ear to ear. I’ll do that later this week, time allowing.

In the meantime, this post is just a short one to thumbs up some good people/places that made the weekend special, high-five my hill running buddies for keeping me going, and generally just punch the air in celebration and shout “woo-hoo!”.

I also want to get the geeky stuff out of the way –here come the stats!

We did all our playing in the Spey valley, and based ourselves in Newtonmore.

All our routes were completely self-propelled – we took no buses, taxis, trains or cars. Not even a piggy back. We relied entirely on hiking boots and Genesis mountain bikes (with an 8-gear alfine internal shifter). Here’s our tracks…

Our routes are the little red lines

Our routes are the little red lines

We hired out bikes from really nice folks at Bothy bikes in Aviemore. £38 each for two full days, with maps, helmets and a repair kit thrown in.

We got a great night’s sleep in the cosy and very well appointed Newtonmore Hostel which is run by good people. £18 for the night, but £17 if you arrive under your own steam! Bed linen & towels provided. Option of cuddling up to a soppy lurcher is entirely up to you.

We booked a decent pub meal at the The Glen Hotel.

We mostly drank pints of  West‘s St Mungo beer. And lots of fresh, cool mountain water straight from the glistening streams upon Carn Dearg. And a little whisky.

We breakfasted like champion truckers on Sunday morning at the Newtomore truck stop.

We ate cakes at the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore.

We covered a total of 67 miles. Hauled our arses up over 6000ft of incline, bagged three munros and retuned the bikes nice and dirty.

And the weather. It was fucking awesome…

On top of the world!

On top of the world!


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