The great Great Glen way


Some proper hill running for a change!

Some proper hill running for a change!

I’ve left it a while before writing about my trip in the Great Glen. The trip was for a magazine feature for one of the magazines I design at work, and had to wait a while until after the magazine had been published before posting about it.

I had an idea that perhaps myself and James Cargill (both of us being outdoorsy) could team up with an outdoors journalist and create an adventure taking us from a whisky distillery on the west side of Scotland to a whisky distillery on the north east side of Scotland. To make it interesting, we would use as many forms of transport as possible, shunning cars wherever possible.

My editor thought it was a fine idea, providing we organised it ourselves! So a few phone calls later we had Fiona Russell of Fiona Outdoors signed up to join us and write the story, and ace photographer Peter Sandground commissioned to shoot it.

A couple of meetings later and our idea started to take shape. I was a little worried as Fiona and James were in peak condition, while I was suffering from achilles and knee injuries (and at my heaviest weight). I needn’t have worried though – our plan allowed for plenty of breaks.

We’d start at Ben Nevis distillery early on Saturday, taste a dram, cycle to the start of Neptune’s staircase and have a little trip on a barge, and then mountain bike our way up the Great Glen.

Saturday afternoon, we’d swap cycling for trail shoes and 8 miles on forest tracks, before getting back on the mountain bikes and cycling to Fort Augustus for the night (and a few whiskies).

Sunday would start with some light kayaking on Loch Ness, before some more mountain biking on the east side of Loch Ness, some more trail running and then cycle all the way to Inverness, where we’d hand back the bikes to Alpine Bikes. and then visit Glen Ord distillery for a last dram before heading home.

And that’s what we did. Here’s a few pics, courtesy of Pedro

On the canal

On the canal

Kaaking on Loch Ness

Kayaking on Loch Ness

Me giving my walsh PBs a good airing

Me giving my Walsh PBs a good airing

Arriving in Inverness

Arriving in Inverness




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  1. You, sir, lead a charmed life. Nice post and pics.

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