Lochs wa’hey and ferries three

Our trip this morning was planned. Arran by bicycle. 7 am ferry. And our trip was cancelled, when we missed the Ardrossan to Arran Ferry by 5 minutes.

Five minutes later we’re quickly drive north holding the iPhone out the passenger window trying desperately to get a 3G signal.

We needed a signal because I had typed “Dunoon, Bute, Ferry, cycling” into my phone’s web browser. And I was hoping it would return some results.

Bu the time we hit Largs, we had signal, and a plan B. Two phone calls later and we were on our way to Wemyss Bay.

We would get on the Wemyss Bay ferry to Rothesay. Cycle south for a mile to warm up, and then U-turn to head north, taking in three lochs and three ferries in total.

On the way, my wife called from HQ to confirm that if we took the Colintrive Ferry and then looped to Dunoon via Strachur, it would be about 48 miles according to the AA. Sounded good.

Ferry to colintrive

The Colintrive ferry was very short (but very nice), and shortly after it, the road rises steeply to give views back down Loch Riddon, before heading in land for a big grind north into the hills.

Loch Riddon

The pay off came much later with a 15 minute free wheel down to Loch Fyne and into Strathur.

Loch Fyne

After lunch we kicked out for Dunoon via Loch Eck, which was a fairly undemanding stretch, all the while being given plenty room by drivers. Bliss!

Loch Eck

Onc at Dunoon, it was another short ferry trip to Gourock with barely time to look back towards the Holy Loch and the great hills behind it.

Ferry to Gourock

The last stretch from Gourock to Wemyss Bay was the least pleasant part of the cycle. 7ish miles of whooshing traffic & a bit scary. I thought we had clocked maybe 60 miles in the saddle & my gps had us down for 96.4 kilometres – almost exactly 60 miles!

My longest cycle up before this one was 20 miles, so I’m reasonably pleased with a 60-mile jaunt. Now, where did I put that nice soft cushion?


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