Renny Rambles at the Bishopbriggs triathlon

You’ll have heard this story before. Chap commits to doing something. Chap lets a bit of time slip by. Realises he’s left it too late. Crams at the last minute. Makes an arse of it.

Well, that pretty much sums up my triathlon training. Granted, I did get a reserve place and only had 6 weeks to train, and the first two of those were spent working long hours and then away on holiday. BUT, rather than go easy, I went in a bit hot and maybe pushed the training a bit hard.

The  thing was, it was going quite well, and I liked it. But the Saturday before the triathlon I cracked my ribs on the right side.

Like an eejit, I thought I didn’t need much torso mobility for a triathlon so I kept training. And then on the Tuesday, I pulled my left calf muscle badly at a Thump boxing class. At Thump boxing you need good calf action, and good torso action. I left the class with my own personal goody bag of pain.

It was then an exercise in ice and voltarol for 4 days until the triathlon. Should I have pulled out? Yes.

Did I enjoy pushing through and completing anyway? Damn right. It feels good to beat the odds. Right up until the pain killers wear off.

So I beat my 21 minute goal for 750 metres swim. I was a tad slow on the 20k cycle at 43 minutes but I knew I had to leave something for the run, as my calf muscle was barely functioning.

On the 5k run it was a mess. 5 minutes into it and I had to shorten my stride to a shuffle. At 2.5 k I tried again to widen my stride. No chance. For the last kilometre the terrain changed from track to trail. I found I could push out a full stride from my right foot and land ok on my left. Kind of like doing lunges but on one side only.

I thought I was heading for 30 mins & was surprised to have run it in 25 mins.

All in all, it was a good day, with good support from my fellow triathletes and my family too, who cheered every time I limped past. Plenty of good banter and sporting behaviour in the pool and the changing rooms too.

Here’s a few pics. I’m the one in the non-matching tri top and shorts…

bikerun startrun endand relax



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