A quick catch up

I’m  hoping to be able to post a report on my recent weekend Great Glen trip, once I’ve got cleared permission from the magazine and the photographer to blog about it. So in the meantime, less exciting stuff will have to provide a stop gap. Here’s what’s been happening since my last post.

Eight days ago, I ran to the gym before doing double circuits (despite telling myself it is too much in one night). I was crossing a road ha;f way through my run and realised the traffic was moving faster than I had anticipated. I pushed hard off my left foot and felt my achilles flash hot with pain.

Like the idiot I am, I continued to run (what’s the point in walking with a limp in the freezing cold when you can run with a limp instead, right?).

It eased off so I did the circuit classes. But before bed time I knew I had overdone it. That was the Tuesday

Roll forward three days, and I cycled home on the Friday. Achilles not so tight. I garaged the bike and then went up the woods with the Explorer scouts. Maybe a mile or so of rough walking over the course of the freezing cold night. Achilles held up, but was noticable.

Saturday it snowed with a vengeance, and while I didn’t want to run long, surely a mile jog to the gym would be a good test of the achilles?

I knew my Saucony progrids would be useless in the snow-filled pavements. But I also knew that my Walsh PB Ultras would cut through the inch or two of snow like a hot knife through butter. And they did.

Walsh PBs trail shoes have zero heel rise and almost zero cushioning. Half way to the gym, I could feel both ankles tightening up. Walsh PBs are not built for tarmac, even with an inch of snow. After an hour of weights, I teamed back up with my family and we went to the unveiling of the new Linwood Sports Centre, On-X.

Wow, I have never seen a council (municiple) gym that looked as well designed and built! Once in a while, council planners get something entirely right. I’m genuinely proud and excited by what Renfrewshire Leisure have achieved.

Sunday was cold but dry and I took my son up the high woods & we built a sizeable Tee-Pee.

Monday – well, I had to go to the first official day of the new sports centre for an early morning swim!

Tuesday, I went for a 5-mile run / double circuit class combo. During the exercise my left achilles felt neither better nor worse. But when I couldn’t get a lift home from the gym, and had to walk the mile and a half home, it was with a painful limp all the way home.

Today I cycled to work and back. It felt OK on the ankle, but I’m not sure if I should risk another medium length run anytime soon. Tomorrow I think I’ll do a spin class at lunchtime, and take the boy to the new pool in the evening.

I might go easy on myself Friday, as I have my eye on a wee stretch of the West Highland Way on Saturday, which, with my ankles strapped deep inside my North Face Verbera Lightpackers, should make for a very pleasant experience. I can’t wait – 8 hours of uninterrupted outdoors. Followed by a Saturday night curry. A really, really big curry.


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