Feet off the ground, please

It’s been a few weeks now in my new running shoes. The first few runs were tortuous and doubt-filled. But a couple of weeks ago I noticed my heels were not so sore during OR after running.

The burning pain in my feet was leaving – hooray! What is worrying me is now is my knees. They feel as if they could burst any time. My dad’s knees are rubbish & my sister has a crumbled cruciate ligament. So genetically speaking, my knees have form. Bad form.

I’ve cut out the weighted lunges at circuits, and seriously cut back on weights training in general. But I do have a fair amount of ground to make up if I intend to do a sprint tri, a trail marathon & some distance hill running all before summer. So here’s what my sorry knees have been up to the last week or so…

  • 2-3 March: Fort William to Inverness (Mountain bike, trail run (7.5 miles), mountain bike, quick hill run, quick kayak, more mountain biking). 70 miles maybe.
  • 5 March: 5 mile run to gym after work, 2 x 45min circuits.
  • 7 March: 6.5 mile cycle home from work
  • 8 March: 6.5 miles walk Crainlarich to Tyndrum on the West Highland Way. Then 6.5 mile yomp back from Tyndrum to Crainlarich. Got home, got bored & so did an hour in the gym.
  • 10 March: 8.3 mile run on trail & country roads – was a hard one & slow at 9.30 min mile pace. Then washed one rusty bike.
  • 11 March: 6.5 mile cycle to work on shiny non-squeeky bike. Unfortunately temperature was -2 degrees so back break and other bits of bike were frozen during commute.
  • 12 March: 2×45 min circuit class – was a hard session. Felt a bit dizzy – it’s the burpees that kill me. Especially the station with 1.5 minutes of 20 kilo weighted burpees – it’s hell in a sandbag!
  • 13 March: 5 mile run after work. Around 8 min mile pace. Felt pretty fresh & not too laboured!
  • 14 March: 6.5 mile cycle home after work. Write a blog post & think about what I might do tomorrow.

It’s a fair chunk of exercise, but small by last year’s standards. The plan is to get two regular medium runs, increase to three if possible. And then re-join my running club.

In the meantime, I keep telling myself not to worry too much about the pace or the lack of mileage, but to think instead about maintaining form. It’s OK to slow down – just keep pulling my feet off the ground and try to keep the chin up. Everything else is gravity’s domain 😉



About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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