Knees up

In my last post, I was heading for a Friday cycle home, try a yoga class, take a circuit class & then do a proper Saturday run…

Well, almost. The cycle home was fine, and trying yoga for the first time – that was cool. But taking the circuit class afterwards, that was hard. The boys were great and they all gave it a go, but I thought my knees were going to blow out at any time. There’s only so much grind I can take in one day, and I was glad to get it finished.

On the Saturday, I was just too tired to run, so I put it onto Sunday instead. When I got round to it on the Sunday, the weather closed me down while driving to the country park.

Running out of time, I just went to the gym & did 5k on the treadmill & 10 mins on the cross trainer instead. Sigh.

On Monday I cycled the round trip to work, and had the delight of running out of batteries in the dark on the way home. Fortunately there’s a silver birch that marks my exit from the cycle track, and it seems to catch whatever light is available.

Despite grumbly knees, on Tuesday evening, I ran 5 miles from my work to the gym, stripped out of my leggings into shorts, and did the two circuit classes back to back.

Wednesday and Thursday were a wash out for training. I could barely move.

But on Friday I felt a little refreshed, so I cycled to work, and ran the full 6 and a bit miles home.

Saturday, I did 45 mins weights, with some pull ups & dips thrown in for good measure. I thought about my hill running pals doing the Carnethy 5 & have to say, I felt a little ashamed, sitting in this protected box, running on plastic with no wind resistance.

On Sunday, I should have rested, but I was at home by myself, without a car or my bicycle (which I had left in work) an twiddling my thumbs. So I ran the mile to the gym, did a ew weights to kill some time, and then poked my head round the pool to see if it was quiet. It was, so I changed out my gym gear and told myself I’d do 30 lengths.

Aye right. I lost count (as I frequently do) but I’d be lucky if I managed 20 lengths with breaks every 50 metres to catch huge lungfuls of air. Between fatiguing my arms with weights and a lack of swim form, I was a complete disaster. Before I got out the pool, I thought I’d time myself. I’m on the waiting list for a sprint triathlon & need to work out my estimated swim time. 50m freestyle: 58 seconds; 50m breast stroke: 1m 12s.

I think I must have been swimming against the current. Ahem.

I ended up walking home from the gym, before catching up with my hiking buddy over a coffee to plan our next hike. Ben Chonzie has been chosen, or another stretch of the WHW, if the weather is bad.

Woke up this morning and arms and legs proper sore. Haven’t felt an exercise burn like that for ages. Suffice to say, I did knowt except sit on my arse today.

Tomorrow’s plan is to run the 5 miles from my work to the gym and hit double circuit classes again tomorrow night. I’ve certainly fuelled up with enough carbs today to more than cover it!


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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4 Responses to Knees up

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Renny, I walked Ben Chonzie about 10 years+ ago as it was Jason Bells Dads final bag, he’d done the lot!- it was chosen so that all the non walkers could meet him up there without killing themselves. One easy big wide path I seem to remember all the way up but the views were lovely. Look forward to seeing a few pics. Karen

    • RennyRambles says:

      Ah, we binned it and did a stretch of the WHW instead. Too wintry up there & a lack of crampons and ice axes put paid to the first Munro of the year. It’ll keep!

  2. Derek says:

    Keep it going Renny. Keep training for the Tri. I have a place at the Bishopbriggs but is the same day as Carols due date, so you may get a last minute call up if you were interested. Poor organisation on Carols part I think. Enjoy reading the blog. Derek

    • RennyRambles says:

      Very interested, though i might totally screw up your average tri time mate! Be in touch soon. Hope things are great at home.

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