New adventures, new shoes

So it looks like my 130k adventure is happening. I’m not sure whether I should ratchet up the training so I’m prepared for hours of continuous exercise, or strip out everything and concentrate on low-impact cardio and long runs on soft ground. I have three weeks to prepare for it, so need to decide fast.

In the meantime…

  • On Saturday I did 12 miles along the WHW – just easy paced walking, gazing away at a  few hills I’ve climbed, and a lot that I haven’t.
  • Monday I cycled 6.5 miles to gym & cycled 6.5 miles home against the wind.
  • Tuesday, two back-to-back circuit classes.
  • Wednesday, a lunchtime spin (12 miles 45 mins).
  • Thursday (today) cycled 6.5 miles to work. Did a 5k run in new trainers at lunchtime, cycled 6.5 miles home.
  • Friday (tomorrow) I’ll cycle (maybe) & do a taster Yoga class and circuit class with the Explorer Scouts in the evening.
  • Saturday: I hope to do my first proper run – maybe 10k, weather permitting with a run in Muirsheil park

As you can see I’ve only put in one 5k run through the week, and not even sure if I can put a second one in on Saturday. I started the week with two sore Peronius Longus and added two well-dodgy knee caps and painful heels as the week went on, SIGH. My 5k run in brand new (last season) Saucony Progrid Ride 4 shoes didn’t do much to mask the underlying problems, but I did feel a little less rickety than I did in my battered Asics Gel Nimbus shoes.

I’m at the end of this post now. And I have made a decision of sorts. It’s time to reacquaint myself with the foam roller.

Now, where did I bury it?

About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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