The days fly

On Saturday I ran the one mile to my gym at Johnstone, and then did a weights and kettle bell circuit. The pulleys & bells all felt familiar, providing the right aches in the right places.

But in truth, I was more concerned with the mile jog to the gym. My Peronius Longus (the long strip that runs to the outside of the knee and disappears before the ankle) got tight very quickly. My right inside heel was aflame. And I was puffing 3/4 of a mile into a very gentle route. It didn’t feel like me & I was shocked how badly my body was coping with such a teeny run.

So Sunday I rested, but also worried.

Monday saw a 13-mile round commute in icy driving sleet, but no gym work. I would have double Circuit classes come Tuesday, and my legs and arms still felt sore.

Tuesday came, and after a day spent confined to a seat and a suit, I was relieved to get the trainers on and book in for two rounds of tear-it-up. One gut-wrenching class was followed by another, but the second with more weighted compound moves. Weighted burpees. Clean, press, drop and press ups with 25k sandbags, and more besides. Total body failure inside 1hr 30 mins.

On Wednesday morning I slept in a bit (wonder why!). I took the car and promised myself a lunchtime spin class. But a meeting overran and with no other classes available, I blasted a quick circuit-style weights session instead.

The next morning I should have taken the bike to work. I don’t have any excuses for that one. But I did pack my rucksack before I left the house with a selection of gym gear – I knew I would have to do something … at some point.

At work the phone rang and I learned that a wee idea I had had for an outdoor adventure had gathered some traction. It was on. But it would have to be done in February. It’s an 85 mile route. Gulp.

So Thursday lunchtime I put my trainers on and went for a run round Paisley. I had those same pains again I had felt on Saturday, so I took the pace down and kept myself to a short run. No point in going all guns blazing too soon. Just a 5k, and it felt tough. Straight after the run I went to the gym and did plenty of stretching. Later that afternoon I started to seize up a bit, and I was glad that our family swim was only a few hours away.

On Friday it snowed, but with thoughts of a 85-mile run/kayak/cycle tour just weeks a way, I though that maybe I should get on the bicycle.

At lunchtime I went for a “dry” cycle – a 45-minute spin class. And come closing time, pedalled another wintry cycle back to the house. Between the commute and the class, I cycled 27 miles.

And now the weekend is upon me and I’m wondering if I can really manage to hold my own on an 85-mile weekend adventure in the highlands, alongside some seriously fit distance runners? The answer is: probably not.

And knowing my luck it’ll probably be cancelled before it even gets of the ground.

In the meantime, I’m planning for adventure. Eighty five breathtaking miles of it.


About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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