Renny’s Sunday supplement

Sunday 1st April: Recovery day following Saturday’s 9 mile road run. Fried breakfast to start the day at my in-laws, and then bacon rolls for lunch and my mum & dad’s followed by a good hour walking round Pollock Park. Totally forgot to play an April fool on anyone.

Here’s a few pics of Saturday’s sunny 9 miler…

Monday 2nd April: No bike this week as it’s to be a “suited and booted” week of client training sessions and meetings. Went to running club for Fartlek (sets of ones, twos and three’s) & found both Peronius Longus tendons were complaining for the first 4.25 miles. Back 4.24 miles was a little easier. Can’t say I enjoy these runs, but I do enjoy finishing them!

Tuesday 3rd April: Working from early till late with client, so no exercise, except for my mouth – too much talking!

Wednesday 4rth April: Had to work late so missed the steady Wednesday run session. Maybe a good thing, considering the previous week’s set of runs!

Thursday 5th April: Meetings back to back & still in a suit at 7pm. Shins feeling sore from a week spent in hard heeled shoes.

Friday 6th April: Day off work!!! So out to Inveruglas for 9am to climb Ben Vorlich. We got up and down in 5 hours, with 8.5 miles of terrain & a cairn to be found after a 945 metre ascent.

As the profile shows, the glen road to 200 metres stretches the legs. The pull up to 650m pounds them, but 650-945m is a gentle massage by comparison. Here’s some pics of the hike – not a day for shorts & T-shirts, or views as it turned out…





Saturday 7th April: Back on the road at 7.30am to get to Arrochar for an early morning ‘long run’. I counted Monday’s Fartlek as my being speed session, Friday’s 8.5 mile Munro as my tempo session, so this run would be my weekly long run. According to my ‘Less is more’ Marathon training plan, I needed to fire out 10 miles. So I did the Glen Loin Loop anti-clockwise…

My GPS tagged it at 11.3 miles and I found it very demanding. Almost 6 miles of uphill running (455m ascent), and then over 5 miles of down (455 descent).

Here’s a few pics of the run. In the third pic you can just see the road climbing steeply up to the right hand side of the photo. Gulp!


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