Renny’s Sunday Supplement

Seems like I haven’t posted for a while. I had a bad week where I couldn’t shake a cold, and then another when I still felt rubbish and had some longer hours to put in. At the end of that second week I realised I was actually two weeks into my trail marathon training program. Oops! And I had barely ran once in each of those weeks!

It wasn’t all couch potato stuff though. I did get some fresh air and ran some trails at Seven Stanes (more on that to come in a new post about my Wigwam holiday) and also took my son on a hike up the hard side of Conic Hill (again another post to come filled with sweat, sunshine and father/son bondingness).

During my hike on Conin Hill on Saturday, I realised my fitness level had dropped a bit again. So on Saturday night I signed up for the Sport Relief challenge and the next morning (Sunday) I made my first step into proper trail marathon training territory.

Here’s how it went…

Sunday 25th March: 6 miles cross country for Sport Relief (photos below)

Monday 26th March: 6.5 cycle to work. 6.5 mile cycle home from work. About 1hr 17 mins for my first Fartlek session (two sets of twos and ones, whatever that means?!) covering a total distance of 9.5 miles.

Tuesday 27th March: 6.5 cycle to work. 6.5 mile cycle home from work.

Wednesday 28th March: steady run. Actually a hellish hard unsteady run! 9.6 miles lung-busting hills at a fairly fast pace. Really struggled with myself, but managed to catch up the group and finish in just under 1hr 20 mins.

Thursday 29th March: 6.5 cycle to work. 6.5 mile cycle home from work. Plus a wee play in the park before tea time.

Friday 30th March: 6.5 mile cycle to work. Left the bike in work as had to head up to town to say goodbye to a retiring editor. Got the train to nearest station to my village and then walked it the last mile or so, just in time for Explorer Scouts … which turned out to be a games night. So I ended up having run a bit more! Softball for an hour and then hockey for half an hour – had a great laugh though. At one point I couldn’t play for laughing & I can’t remember when last that happened. Dragged my tired backside home around 9.30pm.

I should add here that I’ve also been eating competitively for Scotland this week. Mornings have included chocolate milk, bacon rolls and sausage rolls, and dinners almost always accompanied by second helpings (and not a little lager), and then occasionally toasted cheese or a baked potato for supper. Ahem.

Saturday 31st March: Hard to get out of bed. Legs painful during the night, but this was supposed to be my long run day – so up and at ’em. I decided that I had put in enough miles this week already, so the planned 13 miles could be put to one side. Instead I went for a slow run. I ran a flattish three miles on the road to out to Howwood and then 6 more miles of hills up towards Cross Flat farm and then up and over to the golf course at the back of Bridge of Weir before swinging back towards Kilbarchan and a last short pull up the hill past the leather factory. I told myself there would be no shame in bailing after 5 miles, but the weird thing was that the pain seemed to ease off after mile 6. A total of 9 miles at 10min mile pace. Spent the rest of Saturday walking like a loonie!

Still. That’s 34 miles running and 45 miles on the bike this week.  Just need to find the time for a swim…

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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