Renny’s Sunday supplement

It’s been an odd week, with a few ups and downs…

Monday: Back into it with a 6.30am 6.5 mile cycle to work, followed by a full hour at the gym. Made sure I did 20 mins cardio before playing with the kettlebells. Had to work on a bit so missed my chance of going to the training session with my running club. 6.5 mile cycle home.

Tuesday: Slept in a bit so no time for gym. 6.5 cycle to work abd then waited till lunch time t fit in a 35 min session. 5 mins rower and then kettlebells followed by some stretching the calf muscles on the powerplates. 6.5 mile cycle home.

Wednesday: Took the car as my calf muscles have been terrible and wanted a break before the running club mid-week middle distance run. Managed a wee 40 mins Kettlebell session that’s designed for runners. I was hoping for an easy run on Wednesday, but Robert was leading the group again, and after a gentle start, the pace picked up. Not too hilly, but half way round my calf muscles were ready to snap, or cramp. Either way, it was make or break and I was lucky that the pace came down a notch and  I settled into the run. The calfs were still painful, but my energy levels were replenished and I finished well. Even with the usual stops for traffic and lights, one hour 16 mins was a good time for 9.3 miles.

After the car journey home though, my right calf properly cramped – barely made it inside the front door before I folded up in agony!

Thursday: Slapped on the Deep Heat, and headed out on the bike for the 6.5 mile cycle. A slow cycle but not too bad. Half hour at the gym – going easy and mostly stretching exercises with low weight kettles. Spent the day limping around the office! 6.5 mile cycle home.

Friday: took the car again. Calf muscles feeling dreadful. I took my gym kit with me, but the arrival of lunchtime pizzas put paid to that. After I got home, another evening spent playing a wide game with the Explorer Scouts. Nice and muddy.

Saturday: up early to pick up Malcolm for a wee ascent of The Cobbler. We’re just getting back in to our Munro plan for 2012, so this hill at just over 800 metres was a fair start. The forecast was for 50mph winds. It didn’t get quite that bad, but on the North East summit (the one with the multiple sheer cliff drops) the wind nudging you in a direction you don’t want to go plays havoc with your imagination. Up and down from Arrochar in 4 hours at a fairly gently pace. Didn’t come down via the gully – visibility poor and the start of it was infilled with snow and ice. Here’s a few pics, as you can see, it was wet, foggy and freezing with the wind chill…

Calf muscles were sore but not taxed. So spent the rest of the day doing dad stuff. ie, washing the car, clearing the gutters, a kick about in the park, pizza, beers &  falling asleep by 9.30pm!

Sunday: wife has other commitments so it’s me and the boy today. Won’t get much of a chance for running, but that’s OK – I have a club training run tomorrow, and if I want even half a chance of making it round, I need to give the legs a break today. So, maybe just some walking in the park.

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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