Renny’s Sunday Supplement

It’sa beautiful day outside – I hope you’re all making the best of it today. Here’s what I’ve been up to since last Sunday

Monday: Cycled to work (6.5 miles) & cycled back home again. I think this counted as my rest day.

Tuesday: 6.5 miles cycle to work. A full hour in my newly fitted-out council gym. They had a whole new set of kettlebells. Two of everything & I went to town on them. 6.5 mile cycle home, then a quick turnaround to speak to someone at the local council about a magazine & then back to the house to finish a logo for a friend.

Wednesday: Took the car to work so my legs would have had a wee break before running club. Didn’t seem to matter – the chap who took our group out had hills on his mind and he pushed a firm pace that seemed to quicken with almost every hill. About half way round, I really REALLY needed to make a pit stop, When my legs could no longer match the pace being set, I decided to bail out and make for the nearest toilet. I was reasonably pleased that I only finished 5 mins or so behind the group, despite an unscheduled trip to the loo. Around 8.5 road miles

Thursday: 6.5 miles cycle to work. 6.5 miles cycle home. Tried a bit harder to make an effort rather than just coast it.

Friday: got a lift to work as had to go to an awards do after work. Managed to fit in 40 mins kettlebells at the gym before heading up to town for the awards. We did well and I managed to collect a couple of awards myself, so many drinks were had!

Saturday: James and Jim stopped by in the morning and we headed out to Locherwood for a trail run. The first few K were not great for me. My calf muscles are a wreck just now and I had to keep stopping. Once we reached our farthest point at the top of Craig Minnan, we bumped into Dave from running club, who had originally told us about this cracking wee trail circuit. He gave us another few leads of where we might want to run before taking point and leading us back towards the car park, via some seriously boggy stuff. I managed to pick up the pace on the way back, maybe because there was more downhills, or maybe because I was running alongside Dave, who has a much higher level of fitness & managed to chat all the way and take my mind off the pain in my legs.

Sunday (today): here we are again. The sun is out, and I’ll be taking the boy to Finlayston Country park for some messing about with sticks & mud in the woods. In terms of exercise, I haven’t decided on anything yet, but probably some hill reps in Kilbarchan park if it stays dry, or I might push it out for a longer run. Depends really on whether I’m going to do the Farklek run with the club tomorrow night. It’s a punishing session and the last time I did it I could hardly walk for days.

Time will tell!



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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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