Renny’s Sunday Supplement

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last one…

Sunday: Ouch. Blisters on my heels so large the Blister healing pads were not big enough to properly cover them. Had Sunday lunch with friends and “re-carbed” after Saturday’s walk on the West Highland Way. It was worth it though – the WHW is a great path.

Monday: Cycled to work (6.5 miles). A wet and cold journey but my heels were alright on the bike. Cycled home again in blustery weather.

Tuesday: 6.5 miles to work. It’s getting brighter earlier. Pretty soon I won’t be needing the head torch. After work, 2.5 mile cycle to a Circuit training class, and then a slow 9 mile cycle home from the class. Pint of water, shower, G&T, then a serious amount of pasta.

Wednesday: Shins sore, reckon the circuit class on a poured concrete floor ain’t great for my bones. Early start as I knew I would have to work late, but I was confident I could get to running club for 7pm. No luck, didn’t end up leaving work till after 9pm. Really disappointed as I was packed and ready for a good road session.

Thursday: 5.30am start. Unfortunately not to hit the hills. Instead, trussed up in a suit and on the early train to Edinburgh on business. Spent the day spent in an increasingly wrinkly suit and not home until 8pm.

Friday: back on the bike at least! 6.5 miles to work and some fresh air in the lungs, and I even pushed it out a bit on the dry cycle home! Every time I make an effort I cleave 5 mins off my standard commute time. A quick meal, shower and then off to Explorer Scouts with welly boots and head torch at the ready. A good night was spent watching and occasionally encouraging teams of Explorer Scouts trying to get a fire going to boil a Dixie of water. At the top of the muddy Dampton pad, in the pitch black woods, with wind, and not a little rain, it was a good laugh.

Saturday: My wife took the boy to swimming lessons so I sneaked out the back door and went for a run along the rural back roads near where I live. A nice route with lots of twists and rollercoaster-style single track roads. The first few miles were filled with the usual set of pains and gripes. But the body settled into it and I really really enjoyed being able to run it. Quite a slow run but a two-mile uphill push from Howwood to Ranfurly golf course, via Crossflat farm, is a fair test. Nine miles of mostly smiles!

Sunday (today): recovery run and hill reps in Kilbarchan park in my Walsh PB Ultras. Despite being a little hungover I managed three muddy loops of the park and then some hill shuttles, which comprised zigzagging up and down the sledging hill for three sets. It punished the calfs but not the shoes. I was very surprised just how much bite the PBs had on the steep muddy hillside. Seriously, just out-f7cking-standing!

OK, Walsh PBs have no arch support, no vibram, and cushioning, what cushioning?! But these shoes will see you stepping over bodies as you rock out a 45 degree mud scramble like Kungfu Panda with his eyes on an airborn dumpling. And, at £50-£60 a pair, they are not taking the piss.

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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