Picking it up again

After my dismal performance at Carnethy 5 Peaks hill race last week, I’ve been making plans to ramp back up my fitness level. Perhaps I should have left it a little longer as there’s plenty still to repair. But the longer I leave it between runs the less likely I am to get off my arse!

Here’s a snapshot of my race. In the first pic you can see the concern on my face at the top of the first hill – my calf muscles were screaming.

Me in blue top

In the second pic I’m hitting the last hill, and struggling with the ankle.


So I decided to get back to running club. On Wednesday night I pitched up at 7pm, paid my annual subs, received the coveted Kilbarchan AAC membership card, and went out for nine miles on the road. The first five or six were hard – harder still that we ran past my house at the 5 mile point! When we got back one of the runners told me about a boggy trail run I might try which takes in Locherwood, and for the more adventurous, a push on to Windy Hill. Duly noted!

The next day, I hobbled up to Greaves Sports where Crawford had put aside a pair of Walsh PB Ultras for me to try on.

This is them. Yes they do have newspaper stuffed inside them.

Old school drying technique

I took then in my backpack today to Locherwood. The intention was to run half the trail in my New Balance 876 Trail shoes, and then break in the Walsh’s on the return track.

After a push up to the treeline (with plenty wee breaks) I changed out the NBs at a wee footbridge. Instantly I felt more confident on the loose muddy ground. 5 mins in and I had turned my right ankle – a combination of getting used to a smaller footprint and an already weak ankle.

There was a disappointing stretch on shale road (which I think is what is giving me the shin pain I now have). But the back 4k was quite superb and one bit was alarmingly boggy –  as in “throw yourself flat and crawl to safety”!

Another pair for the radiator!

So boggy the trees are tumbling too!

But it was great. The woods were empty but for me, with music in my ears, and rain lashing my face, I felt strong on completing the 4.8 miles.

And almost at the end of the run a wee treat. A ramshackle bridge you could convince yourself a troll lives under – just a rough slab…

Smashing wee makeshift crossing

So tomorrow morning brings a stretch on the West Highland Way, in lieu of The Cobbler (weather too severe for me). And maybe I’ll pack the Walsh’s, if I can get them dried in time!

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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