Cool runnings in Arrochar

I’m just rushing out to Explorer Scouts for an ‘instant hike’ in 15 minutes time. But I thought I would post quickly about my latest walk/run, which was this morning. It took me from Arrochar into Glen Loin and then up into Corriegrogan – a glen which I love walking through. Anyone familiar with Ben Vorlich, or Ben Vane will appreciate the tranquility and (if hiking higher up) the views.

The walk/hike/bike/trail run can be done in a loop, but I spied options in there. I reckon a fellow could get to know a few not-so-well known paths and have loads of fun training and exploring in this wee pocket of the Lomond area.

At 19k in total, we walked the bulk of the incline (9k) and ran the undulating plateau and then the downhill (10k) back to Arrochar.

Here’s the view on the way up…

Almost half way round

Here’s what Arrochar looks like at the close of the run, as the midday sun burns the ice off the shoreline…

I'd rather be here than on a sofa!

And here’s the friendly wee chap who came right up to my trail shoes thinking I might share a post-run Marathon (Snickers to you young folks) bar with him. In weather as cold as this, it’s important to make friends quickly…

A fine red breast (sorry)!

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