Renny’s late supplement

Ahem, completely missed my regular Monday post. Yet again work got in the way.

Here’s what I’ve been doing since Monday 23rd Jan…

  • Tuesday 24th: Cycled 6.5 miles to work. 40 mins hard gym session (giving it minimum breaks between exercise circuits). I’ve got a good set of mashups courtesy of Rockmyrun which not only encourages a 120-130bpm tempo run, but also a super-fast kettle bell session! Cycled 6.5 miles home.
  • Wed 24th: Cycled 6.5 miles. Had to work late so missed any running club or associated activities.
  • Thurs 25th: Cycled 6.5 miles to work. 40 mins gym session, again at a fair pace. Had to work late & a cold and tired cycle home.
  • Frid 26th: Too frosty and icy on the road to cycle to work, so received a lift in the noddy van, courtesy of Shadylady. Had to work late and also ran 6.5 miles home. Got home just in time to help out at Explorer Scouts for the annual Kilby Scout Group Burns Night. Lots of the boys read Burns poems, and while poems written in Auld Scots isn’t my cup of tea, it was great to see a bit of Scottish passion burning brightly – in prose and in the flesh! Food wasn’t too bad either – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties x 2!
  • Sat 27th & Sunday 28th: decided to break from running this weekend plus had to work part of the weekend anyway.
  • Monday 29th: supposed to be on leave, but a late running project or two has seen me working from home and pitching up in office for the occasional meeting. However, I have the use of a car at the mo, which is great as it’s not worth cycling 13 miles just to sit in a meeting for an hour.
  • Tuesday 30th: Picked up a cold. How the heck did I pick up a cold in a car when I normally cycle in all weather conditions and feel just fine! Probably the air con.
  • Wednesday 1 Feb: Nose bunged up and as I’m typing this I wonder if I should bother going to running club tonight. I’m going to be doing a 13k uphill hike, changing footwear and then 5k downhill trail run on Friday morning. And on Sunday morning I have a full 18k trail run in Glen Loin. So maybe I’d be best leaving running club tonight and just hit the gym tomorrow instead. Or I could wait till lunchtime and the warmth of the sun and just do some hills on the Dampton Pad…

About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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