Renny’s weekly monday supplement

It’s been another week of not as much running as I expected to do. With having no car I can’t get to running club UNLESS I were to do the following: Cycle home from work. Garage the bike. Turn around and run 3.5 miles to running club. Do the hour and a half session (which can be anything from 5-9 miles). Run another 3.5 miles home. This has, of course, not happened.

But then again, never say never!

The other thing about not having a vehicle is that there are no opt outs in terms of commuting on the bike. You either cycle, or you take public transport. And I’d rather cycle through the gates of hell on a Halfords Apollo than have to take the bus. I know for a fact that I can cycle past the bus in the village, pedal all the way to my place of work, park my bike, walk to the gym, have a  shower, sometimes shave, and walk back to work as the bus hits the high street. No contest.

Anyway, here’s what this 40 y/o cycling convert has been up to since the last cold wet Monday…

Tuesday 17th Jan: 13 miles commuting on the bicycle.

Wednesday 18th: 6.5 miles cycle, half hour free weights, some weighed lunges etc before work. 6.5 miles cycle home. Jumped over a wall in back garden. Shooting pain through left knee cap. Numpty.

Thursday 19th: 6.5 miles cycle, 10 mins gunning it on the cross trainer, 10 mins gunning it on the rower, and some free weights for 20 mins before work. 6.5 miles cycle home.

Friday 20th: 13 miles round commute. Wide game with the Explorer Scouts in the evening and I spent an hour or so getting good and muddy in the woods. Quite good fun. Jeans ruined.

Saturday 21st: Trail running with the boys from The Whangie to Erskine. I use to help me find routes and found this one courtesy of  jogilv16 . Jim had supercharged legs on this trip and was unstoppable. I stopped many times and had heavy old legs. Sometimes you’re out in front, sometimes you’re last, hey ho.

Here’s a pic from the day…

Looking tough, but that's always the case early into the run.

Sunday 22nd: Rest day. Bacon rolls for breakfast, a nice long walk up the muddy woods with the boy and then along the country road to feed two nice horses an apple & the boy giggled himself silly! Walked back along the cycle track and then home to make muffins, and for the daddy, not a few beers in the afternoon.

Monday 23rd. Easy cycle 6.5 miles. So much gear queuing in the wash basket that I had to cycle with bare legs today. Pushed a little harder into the wind on the 6.5 miles cycle home, but that’s probably because my legs were getting frost nip! Ate enough pasta for three people.

No training run planned for this weekend, so might phone my brother-in-law and ask if he wants to do some trails. If not, it’ll be 10k roads before 6.30am on Thursday morning and 5k Park run on Saturday.

I’d rather be on the trails though…

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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