Renny’s Monday Supplement – lots of fresh air

Here’s what I’ve been up to since last Monday.

Tuesday: Cycled 6.5 miles to work. Hit the gym for half an hour. Cycled 6.5 miles home.

Wednesday: Cycled to work, but skipped the gym as I was thinking about going to running club. By 5.30pm I emailed home to say I was not going to run as my legs were a bit stiff. After cycling the 6.5 miles home, I had changed my mind again and decided to pitch up for a run. I had hoped for a wee five mile run. Instead I got 8 miles with some hill work.

Thursday: Struggled to get out of bed but was up early enough to fit in the morning commute on the bicycle AND a half hour gym session. No cycle home as my wife picked me up to go to Maw & Paws for  my Dad’s birthday. I’m proud to say that the present for his 67th birthday was a H20 waterproof headphone system and Ipod shuffle. Because after cycling the 8 miles to his gym, it can be lonely work doing an hour’s-worth of lengths before cycling home. Hope I’m half as fit when I’m 67.

Friday: Up early to pick up my hiking buddy and then drove to Luss to do the Glen Striddle Horseshoe. The weather forecast had the cloud base at 600metres with 50-60 mph winds. So I thought the horseshoe would be OK for a view, as it just scrapes in at just over 600 metres.

We did the horseshoe clockwise, heading up the west side along the road past Glen Striddle, then attacking the steep rise to mid hill. The weather forecast was a bit out though and the cloud cover was quite low. The wind speed also seemed to have been conservatively estimated. Still, we were off the hill, relatively dry and without any twisted ankles or bruised bums by lunchtime.

After a wee afternoon snooze the boy went to Beavers, and I went to help out at Explorer Scouts, happy in the knowledge that the beer was tucked up in the fridge eagerly awaiting my return.

Saturday: rest. No exercise whatsoever

Sunday: rest. No exercise whatsoever

Monday: Well I’m just about to set out right now to run to work. 6.5 miles in the dark!


About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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