Renny’s monday supplement

My last ‘supplement’ post was on Saturday 29th October. Here’s what I’ve been up to since then…

  • Sunday: 13 mile commute on the bike to work, and back. Got a bit of a soaking on the way home.
  • Monday: A very mild morning so a pleasant cycle. Not so mild on the way home though. Very dark AND I forgot my head torch. Managed a wee 30 mins at the gym in the morning.
  • Tuesday: Legs a bit tired so I wanted to give them a tiny break by not hitting the gym. Just the cycle in to work and back.
  • Wednesday: no cycling, it’s running night! Stayed on at work and went straight to the club for a medium steady run. I took an easy pace and enjoyed it.
  • Thursday: right foot sore from running, but not bad at all really. Cycled to work, pumped out 30 mins of free weights at the gym. Weighted burpees, fook me. Cycled home. McKnackered.
  • Friday: cycled again and put in 40 mins free weight circuit before work. I’ve been trying to get the most out of these short gym visits so resting for a minute or two here or there. Just move on to the next muscle group. By the time I got to work I was done in. Cycled home just in time for a shower before the local Scout group‘s firework display. Fireworks, hotdogs, beer. Excellent
  • Saturday: Rest, excessive consumption of things that are bad for me. Made a big man-sized pot of chilli for dinner.
  • Sunday: Rest, made some banana choc chip muffins with my boy and his wee pal & let them dip the cooled muffins upside down in lemon icing and dab them with hundreds and thousands. All good fun.
  • Sunday: Rest, more over-indulgence. Set about making Chicken in a vermouth and tarragon sauce. The chicken was bathed in bubbling butter & eventually served with a potato and carrot mash with a little left over parmesan cheese grated through it. All served with squeeky clean green beans. And then a quick make-ahead quiche for an easy Monday night’s tea.
  • Monday: Back in the saddle again. VERY COLD TODAY. Had to be suited and booted for an early meeting, so no time for the gym. Just as well, my legs were a bit wobbly by the time I got the bike upstairs. On the cycle home, it was very foggy. My ‘bargain’ Argos head torch just couldn’t cut it. So tonight I had a look online and ordered a Petzl Tikka XP2. My previous ‘proper’ head torch died hard at the end of the Mighty Deerstalker race 2011. Which reminds me of the last Stag do I was on…

I had motorbiked up to my soon-to-be brother-in-law’s stag do near Glencoe. To celebrate Charles’ last days as a free man, we set about two or three days of mild exercise and strong alcohol. Near the end of a particularly grueling session of outdoors drinking, I might have bragged about how effing good my Black Diamond head torch was. I think I might have said something along the lines of a “Fooking Human Lighthouse”, I may have issued challenges, all a bit of a blur really.

Well, my Black Diamond was outshone by Charles’ brother’s Petzl. And I then lost the impending wrestle that was only partly illuminated by my Black Diamond Icon Headlamp. But to be fair I had the disadvantage of not being a former professionally-trained Royal Marine & built like a brick sh1thouse. Still, I like to think he only won because I was blinded by his Petzl.

Among the many things I learned at that stag do, these are my favourites…

1. Car theft is not generally considered to be one of the ‘greats’ in terms of practical jokes. Not by the car owner anyway.

2. If you do steal a car (for the purposes of a practical joke), and want to be REALLY hilarious by hiding it miles from anywhere in the middle of the night, then MAKE SURE you bring your head torch you IDIOT, so you don’t get lost trying to find your way back to the hostel in the pitch black night and end up missing a quite a lot of the drinking and fighting.

3. It’s quite hard to hide a Toyota Hilux.


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