Camping guide for dads part 2: the lie of the land

If you want to leave nothing to chance, or you simply don’t fancy waking up to the sound of rain pattering on your tent (personally, I think it’s a beautiful noise), there are a couple of really good value alternatives to camping inside the old tent. And if you give them a try, your world is about to get much bigger, and much more interesting.

These options will give you a brilliant weekend holiday, and cost you no more than the price of a night out in town! Let’s assume the night out in town involves a few beers, a pizza and a taxi home (no tip).


This is simply camping with a bit of luxury thrown in. From campsites with pre-assembled tents, to wooden tents with heating and fridges, glamping is the type of camping experience that will convince the camping sceptic that it’s worth a try, and worth trying again and again. Check out for a comprehensive list of sites where you can rent wooden tents, teepees and yurts. Wigwams start around £15 a night. The price for a family of three is around £30 a night and you’ll generally have access to toilets, a drying room and a kitchen at most sites.


I’ve stayed in some flea-bitten bed and breakfast accommodation that would make a youth hostel seem like a palace. Youth hostels are quite often set in THE most awe-inspiring places, and there’s a reason for that, if you think about it.

These days you can book family rooms from about £70. The price, compared to a B&B is, truly amazing (a good old dad and an adventurous five-year old will stay for less than £30 in total), and you get the run of the hostel, the use of well stocked kitchens, clean accommodation and bathrooms, access to a living room/games room, and chances are you’ll be right in the heart of “Outdoor central”, with the best outdoor pursuits right on your doorstep. Annual membership is £8. YES EIGHT POUNDS! Join now before they realise that that’s just ridiculous!

Your third option is to do a bit of indoors/outdoors.

  • Wild camp night one.
  • Stay in a hotel (or youth hostel) on night two
  • Repeat as required

Spend your first day camping somewhere cool, like near a beach, or loch-side. After a night under canvas, pack up early in the morning and stick everything in the car boot.

Spend the morning exploring, and then check into a hotel at lunch time. Now you can get cleaned up, have a nap on the bed, or watch a bit of telly. In the afternoon you can get back into the outdoors, knowing you have hot showers and matresses to look forward to.

Here’s what I’m planning for a few days, here or there, in the autumn…

So, what are you doing next weekend?

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