Sunday supplement

This is odd. I have no feats of endurance or mud-clarted pursuits to report this week. Instead I have been driving to work, and limping up and down the stairs to the office.

I reckon it’ll be another week or two before my peroneus longus will accept any running, so it’s a case of searching through tweets and websites to see what activities I can set myself for August and beyond. I need to go slow and easy on getting this tendon repaired and fit for action, so anything in August will have to be low key. September, well that all depends!

The 120k loch ness team duathlon on 3 September look impressive, but expensive. Plus the waiting between stages doesn’t appeal to me. It’s four sets of runs and then four sets of cycles. On balance, not this year.

The Loch Ness marathon in October is a possibility, but looking at the route it might be all tarmac, which I’m not wild about. Still, October gives me time to repair and prepare.

The 15 K Glen Challenge on 27 August in Drumnadrochit is looking VERY tempting. Looks like a good-natured romp and also plenty for the family to see and do while I’m out running. There’s also a hill race of 8km. The Achmony Hill Race is likely to be pretty serious, but over that distance might be a good start to som ‘official’ hill running for me. Hmm.

The Granton try a triathlon on 4 September looks good – but is full up.

What I really really really want to do is the Scottish Coast to Coast challenge weekend of 17 September. Now that’s what I call an adventure!

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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