Sunday supplement

Exactly seven days till the trail marathon. And it’s a tale of inaction and worry. Even thinking about it brings me out in a sweat. I’m panicking, and have even booked a physio session for Monday, in the hope that something that’s popped out that can be popped back in again.

If I was being super-positive, I could call the previous week an example of dedicated tapering! So, here’s my tapering…

  • Monday: Too sore to run. Cycled 13 miles, which didn’t really challenge my calf.
  • Tuesday: Too sore to run. Again, bike to work and back, 13 miles.
  • Wednesday: 13 miles cycling. Given up entirely on fitting in a run.
  • Thursday: 13 miles cycling. Very slow cycle home as saving legs for friday hike.
  • Friday: 13.5k hike doing loop of Ben Vane from Inveruglas. Inveruglas north west to summit and then east south east down the other side to the dam and then easy road back to Inveruglas. I have to say I felt great, and ate up this small munro with ease – felt like all the hill running and cycling has prepped my thighs. I could have done it twice, and was sad to be back at the carpark so early in the afternoon. Oddly, the calf muscles barely registered any pain, except on the downhill & more so on the road back to Inveruglas.
  • Saturday: worst day yet for my leg. Whole left side below the knee is quite painful. Barely able to put up a curtain rail for my sister-in-law. Afternoon on the couch with ice and voltarol. Now there’s a cocktail you don’t often ask for!
  • Sunday (today): Leg feels a little better for rest. Might try jogging a slow mile on grass later on, just to test things out. Maybe the pain will go away once I’m moving proper.

Don’t know what I’ll do next week. Cycling and swimming I suppose.

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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