Sunday supplement

Sunday comes around so quickly. And this one finds me nursing a belter of a hangover. There will be no exercise today. If the day dries up, as I dry up, then maybe some work on the car or in the garden. Maybe. Or maybe a food day – which is a better idea. I have just consumed the Observer Food Magazine, and am feeling a bit Nigel Slater. A bit of chicken I reckon. Coc-au-Reisling perhaps. And later, a cold beer and & well-seasoned sauted spuds. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Monday: drove to work as I wanted to rest my legs before a long run. Ran 17 miles (1/3 hill of mud, 1/3 field, 1/3 road). Started reading ‘So long and thanks for all the fish‘. Douglas Adams is a genius, but feel adrift without any new Terry Pratchett these days. Fixed bike. Or rather, I managed to tighten brakes and raise seat, while expertly ignoring the mess I have made of the gears and the chain.

Tuesday: 13 miles bike. Went to pool but forgot towel. Swam anyway. Found some paper towels in the toilets. Nuff said.

Wednesday: 13 miles bike.

Thursday: 6.5 miles bike, followed by 45 mins body pump. 6.5 miles home on the bike. Thighs sore.

Friday: 13 miles bike, 20 lengths of pool.

Saturday: 5k (3 miles) Glasgow Park run. 22mins 22 seconds. I can’t seem to get anywhere near my PB (20.50). However I did manage to produce a full on ‘run for your fecking life’ sprint to stop some young whipper-snapper claiming my spot of 68th place. I could almost feel his breath on the back of my neck for the last 100 yards. He made me run harder than I’ve done in a long time. Competitive, me? Surely not.

Sunday: my left calf is making me limp somewhat. Kind of worried about that. Still, I’m going out to buy new trainers as my asics are finally gubbed (see pic). So we’ll slap on some Deep Heat and leave it at that.

A photo of me showing you the finger

My trail marathon is in exactly two weeks. My plan is to do one more long run tomorrow (I’ll be happy with anything above 15 miles). I’ll be climbing a Munro on Friday, and then another sharp wee park run on Saturday and then nothing but cycling and swimming until the race.

So long, and always know where your towel is!


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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