Finally, a long run!

It took me long enough, in every sense of the word. Just over three hours for 17 miles. I know it’s slow but its seven laps each with 50 metres up and 50 metres down, so that’s an ascent of 350 metres. Doesn’t sound much but it is for me.

Seven laps of my woodland circuit of Dampton pad and the public footpath that joins from the woodland at the top of the Pad, and leads across farmland to Forehouse road. It plays out as just over a mile of uphill, half a mile down, half a mile undulating, and just over another half a mile easy downhill. It’s the mile up that’s the killer! Muddy, twisty, and three pretty sly wee hills which get harder the more times you approach them.

First four laps were OK. Lap five, which saw me take in my eleventh mile was horrible, as was my very last two miles of the 17 mile run – I had more stops than a city centre bus! My warm down in the park was interesting as I barely made one lap of the football pitch before both my calf muscles started to cramp. It was a painful hobble to the house and the couch before they seized up completely. Never known cramp to come on so so quickly!

What have I learned today?

Well, I have an average speed of just over 10.30 minutes a mile, regardless of the terrain, or the distance it seems.

Oh, and I learned its best to apply the athlete’s foot cream BEFORE applying the Deep Heat! Stupid arse.


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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