Sunday supplement

Struggling with a pinged left calf muscle and think I have staved my right ankle, so have pulled out of any running this weekend. I’ll try to do this week’s long run in the morning. Anyway, Here’s how my week has been…

Monday: 13 miles bicycle, 2o lengths of pool (mix of front crawl and breast stroke)

Tuesday: After a late (client) meal finished at 11pm on Monday, I wasn’t in the mood for my 5.15am start. However, I put in a 7.5 mile trail run, plus my usual 6.5 mile bike ride to work, and then back again. Trainers soaked

Wednesday: 13 miles bicycle. Another client meal in town, followed by the wettest cycle home ever. Spare trainers soaked

Thursday: 45 mins Body pump at 7.15am. I cycled the 6.5 miles to the class, and also cycled home.

Friday: 13 miles bike. Early morning 20 lengths, all crawl. Back at home I did 4×400 metres speed work in the bog park, with an audience of wife, son, about 20 beavers and 25 brownies (sun was out). It’s the first meaningful speed work and I felt it. Each lap was around 53 seconds, but I left the park feeling like I had just run a half marathon. Totally drained.

Saturday: Rest day: Did the garden. Sanded garden furniture. Varnished furniture. Cooked meal. Got plastered.

Sunday: Rose to a limping left leg as calf muscle has been pinged, and my right ankle is still sore. I had noticed the pain from swimming earlier in the week, and while I ignored it then, today I can’t.

So, instead varnished furniture some more & then  cosmetic attention to the car: sanding rust, cleaning car & stopping wee rust spots with the power of Hammerite. Met my pal at the gym to arrange some hikes. Beinne Vane lined up for the weekend before my trail marathon – that’s what they call tapering, right?

All that’s left to do is a decent long run in the morning. It’s either 6 x 2.5 mile brutal laps of the Dampton pad at 5am, or 15 x 1.15 mile laps of Knapp woodland. Which means either 15 miles hard graft but with no interruptions, or 17.25 miles gentle running with loads of dogwalkers around.

Decisions, decisions.

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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