Sunday supplement

Jeez,  I dithered over whether it was even worth posing this week’s progress. It’s been one of those weeks where everything falls out-of-place!

After a good sunday run of 19 miles, I thought this would be the week to build some marathon uberfitness. Wrong.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 12 miles bike (all headwind). Trashed the legs on the way home because I’m an eegit. Medium run cancelled due to showing people round my wife’s car (now sold & officially a car-less family)/

Wednesday: trying to compensate for Tuesday – 20 mins hill reps, 12 miles bike (all headwind), 20 lengths of pool.

Thursday: pressures of work, no exercise.

Friday: Hike up Cruach Ardrain  and looking to notch up Beinn Tulaichean too from the Crainlarich side. Got caught in a furious and scary snow storm just 300 metres shy of the peak. With no cover to be had, and a galeforce wind trying to blow us off the ridge, we turned on our heels and with tails tucked in, we legged it with barely 20 metres visibility to spare. And then we were to be gifted cracking sunshine 20 minutes later when we were almost of the ridge and making the ‘boggy’ descent. Really disappointed. But still, I think we made the right decision. The bad weather could have got worse, and we could have been pinned down and in much worse shape than we were. In the end, only dented pride and bruised & muddy backsides!

Saturday: family duties and a family meal with the in-laws. Carb-fest.

Sunday: If you start the day with black pudding eggs and a breadbin-worth of white bread and butter, you ain’t running. And with no car we were not home till later on today. So with a break in the weather (again), I set to the garden and did the grass, the weeds (I suspect they are one and the same!) and the giant golfball (a piece of 15ft high topiary I have come to imagine myself skelping once and for all with a giant 3 Iron).

So, long run tonight in Kilmacolm, 17 miles? Well, only if I cycle there first. I think perhaps, I’ll make dinner, do the sandwiches for the morning instead put this week down to experience. And maybe my body just needed a few convenient excuses to justify a rest from running.

Ah well, next week is a whole new set of opportunities and excuses to tussle with.


About RennyRambles

Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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One Response to Sunday supplement

  1. Derek4Real says:

    I can’t wait til the day I have not only the endurance to complete “a good sunday run of 19 miles” but also the ability to say it so casually too 😉

    Keep it up bro!

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