3 laps of the Dampton pad

Dampton pad sign

The path is actually barely visible. Excellent!

That’s my ‘medium’ run done. Three laps up and down the Dampton pad. I reckon I could have done four or five, but me knees were protesting (there’s a fair bit of steep) and thought it best not to blow them out.

I mapped it on my Everytrail app, so check out the route, some photos and my ropey stats on the Everytrail site at http://bit.ly/enGWaf

Surprised it was only just over 7.2 miles but the ground isn’t even and each lap takes in quite a sharp wee hill. Stopped a fair few times to take some pics & catch my breath, but I’m not too worried about that. It wasn’t about the speed, more about acclimatising my body to doing this again.

Wall = a quick rest

I frightened some of the local fauna with my stumble trips and saw squirrel Vs magpie battle it out over a bird feeder at the back of the horse riding school. My money’s on the magpies. It was two against one.

The best thing about the run was, EVERYTHING’S GREEN! And I’m glad I didn’t have headphones on as I would have missed the birds singing.

Up in that forest, completely alone, and surrounded by wall to wall nature, it’s magical. My photos don’t do it justice.

Looking towards Glentyan Estate

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