Living it Largs!

Thanks to Karen for reminding me of this adventure.

We’re going back to the place where I first met my favourite girlfriend. I say ‘favourite’ because we have had the longest on-off relationship in history. She’s now my wife, and we first met a few miles south of Largs on a scraggy bit of beach called Portencross.

On this visit, Natasha and I are joined by Derick and Karen. Now, Derick is an ex-scout like myself and Karen’s mum is better known as ‘Brown Owl’, and we’re looking for a view and somewhere I can get in the water, then get warm & have a chat round a beach fire, rounded off by some sausage sarnies as twilight approaches.

And Portencross will afford those things and more. It’s a good place and the castle, now renovated, is probably worth a peek too.

The weather is terrible. Still, I manage to get myself dunked in the cold sea. But after, crouching round a pile of driftwood, we just can’t get a fire going. To the side, our bag of uncooked sausages sits, much like myself, tired and in need of a good heat.

Surely, between two ex-Scouts and an ex-brownie, we can get a fire going! What feels like an hour later, by way of using our bodies as a wind break, a piece of kindling eventually catches light. Hoo-feckin-ray! Derick coaxes the flame, as only a man can, by poking & prodding it out of existence.

“Ars3h*le” I whisper. “Pr!ck” the reply.

As our eyes bare down once more on the task at hand, an orange streak bursts into view. A ginger terrier streaks by with our bag of sausages in his jaws! Tail wagging like he can’t believe his ginger luck, he’s up the hill & downing every sausage in the bag!

“Buttered roll, anyone?” says Karen. I can’t reply for laughing.

A suggestion: You’ve had Largs’ best fish supper, cooled to accessibility by the rain. You have watched patiently as children demolish ice cream hightowers in the art deco comfort of Nardini‘s. Now, the vital need for somewhere quiet to walk it off, before the working week begins again. Drive south to West Kilbride. Turn right at Portencross. Hold hands with your loved ones. The rest is up to you.


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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