Hard times require furious dancing

My blog is mostly supposed to be about adventures in the outdoors. So this post is a little off topic. But stick with me, we’ll come full circle I promise.

While I received the amazing book Born to Run, my wife was given a book of poems Hard times require furious dancing (a present from Ginny and Enge, my sister and brother-in-law). It’s also on my list of things to read. As a big Roger McGough fan, I’ve often found myself listening to Poetry Please, while crying over an onion of a Sunday afternoon.

The book title reminded me of why it is we dance… To feel good. To get into a rhythm. To be at one with ourselves, almost trance-like, lost in a moment. Happy.

Can you remember the last time you danced? For me it’s been a while, but watching a show on telly on Saturday night (I won’t mention its name), I caught my son giving it freestyle. Shoulders, legs, twirls – he’s a natural. And we all are, sometimes we just forget, or are too self-conscious to let our hair down.

And that’s a sad thing because dancing, like running and just about any other outdoor activity, will make you happy. It can’t help but make you happy! We’re hard-wired to have fun.

So when the sun goes down & maybe you haven’t had a chance to get outside, why not close the curtains, open a bottle of something nice, fire up some music and engage in the most effective full body work out of all time. If you have a willing co-conspirator, all the better.

Personally, I leave the curtains open.

I see you baby, shaking those glutes. (Steve & Ange's wedding. Happy days!)


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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2 Responses to Hard times require furious dancing

  1. hutch says:

    please can i request a ‘like’ button a la pusbook….therefore minimising the pish i may be compelled to write (when we were wee…i used to sneak into your room at lunchtime when i came home from school with mum and play ‘i’m in the mood for dancing’ by the nolans on your suitcase record player over and over again…legs, arms and jumping on the bed etc… i still know all the words, but some crap dj stole the 7″ off me..). and just for the record, i don’t always dance like a ‘wet sheet in the wind’…

  2. RennyRambles says:

    Thanks sis. Yet to work out how to add a ‘like’ button! The record player we both loved looks like this http://bit.ly/gClX0C Think I might get one from Ebay for old times’ sake. Just to listen to Blondie’s Denis Denis at 77rpm again would be hilarious!!! Strangely enough, I also preferred listening to “On a story teller’s night” at 77rpm and “Appetite for Destruction at 33rpm. Now you know!

    And by the way, I never meant to write that you dance like a ‘wet sheet’. That was the spell checker’s fault. 😉

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