Techno techno techno

My friend suggested I do a Friday rant. It’s written it on Thursday night and my beautiful wife posts it, while I lay on the couch. I think one day, she’ll post her own rant. In the meantime, here goes.

As we got out our car at Muirshiel Park one sunny Sunday, I noticed the couple who had been in the car ahead of us. They had hiking boots, gaiters, body warmers, back packs, one hat, one bluff. Technical trousers with enough pockets to keep the artful dodger busy for a week. Walking poles, and cameras, serious cameras.

I had on my trail shoes, shorts, fleece, and backpack (picnic within). Natasha and Robin – trainers and layered clothing. The sun was shining. It was going to be an amazing day, and we had sun block. Yep, sun block in Scotland, in August!

They looked at us like we had just got off a Ryanair flight to Shagaluf. I suppose, in retrospect, we did have hand luggage only.

Their car was gone when we came back from our short picnic on Windy Hill. It must have taken them longer to get dressed than they spent walking.

Now, I do love my Iphone, I love my Ipod, and my Craghoppers jacket is brilliant. But you don’t need to be kitted out up to your eyeballs like Inspector Gadget to have a brilliant time outdoors. Infact, sometimes it spoils it.

Scratching my head in the middle of a field waiting for the GPS map to cache  on my Iphone 4, and not noticing a very large beast approaching, is a good example. You can’t always find what you’re looking for on a screen with a finite battery life.

Two months later, I found myself exploring Treshnish Point on Mull with my family, armed with a box of matches, a packet of sausages, a compass, an OS Explorer map in a waterproof sleeve, and an old tomato red flask, circa 1973 that I inherited from my Grandpa Bob.

As we cooked our sausages on drift wood in the weak autumn sun, I felt a sense of achievement & I felt great.

If I’m being honest, right there and then I felt like a real man. And to prove it, I had forgotten to bring the rolls.

Please note: I could get no GPS signal, no mobile phone signal, and no internet access anywhere on Treshnish Point. If you’re very lucky, you can stay here, where you can get no television signal either, not a sausage.

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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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