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Renny on the Buchaille

2010: on the Buchaille

So I’m headlong rushing towards the big ‘four-oh’ and to mark this milestone I’ve decided I’m going to be in the very best possible physical and mental condition I can achieve. Muscles and sinews will flex as my lean and weather-worn face forms a smile of uber-contentment. Well, that’s the plan.

I decided to get myself into shape for my 40th a few years ago, but now with just 8 months to go and a recently installed kevlar patch in my groin, I’m becoming aware that there’s a lot to do.

There has been some progress. I gave up nearly 20 years of cold-smoking my body from the inside; I joined a gym; lost myself a few kilos in weight; and gained some pals in the process.

But I still need to make some very significant changes in the coming months and want to have done some amazing and worthwhile things that justify that smug smile.

Recovering from the operation I had on 21 May (long story) in time to compete in the Lakeland Trail Marathon on 3rd July, would be high on the list. Ahem.

Anticipated FAQs

Have you trained for a marathon or completed one before?


So how’s the hernia recovery going so far?

Good. Two weeks in, can shuffle for 10 mins at a time. Pain intense.

Do you realise you should already be running regularly as part of a three month training schedule?

I do have less than twelve weeks to train, but on the upside my shufflling gait shows no sign of the really crappy heal-strike I used to have!


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Running, rambling, cycling, swimming and scrambling to my heart's content. Happiest on a trail, with some jelly babies in my pocket.
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